Racing To Stop Bullying

 Spreading Awareness ONE LAP at a time

Meet Turbo

Hi I am TURBO and I am a friend of Belden Motorsports and I support RACING TO STOP BULLYING

Please read my little story below and hope you enjoy it.  

 It was written by : Wayne Michaels

Turbo was a rookie car, but he was not new to racing.

You see, Turbo’s grandfather was a famous racecar who won many races. He had grown up always wanting to race, but his mom and dad would not let him.



When Turbo grew up, he decided that he was going to race like his grandfather. Racing was very hard and he had much to learn. After one year of racing school he decided that he was ready.



Turbo went to the local dirt track and entered the race, but since he was a rookie car he had to start at the back. When the race began Turbo took off really fast and was starting to move up, but there were two bullies named Lugnut and Spoiler who did not like rookies.


 They decided to pick on him and started to bump him and push him around the track. Turbo did what he could to get away from them but they would always catch him. He tried to bump them back but finally they would spin him out. After the race was over, an old race car named Sparkplug came over.

You okay Turbo?

Yes, I am alright but I wish they would quit picking on me!

Well, said Sparkplug there will always be bullies but you have to learn how to deal with them. If you let me, I will teach you a few tricks that will help.

That would be awesome said Turbo, thank you.

For several weeks Turbo trained with Sparkplug, and then waited for the next race.


Soon the next race came and Turbo was ready with Sparkplug waiting in the pits. The green flag dropped and Turbo took off, this time he did much better and was getting near the front when the bullies Lugnut and Spoiler started to bump him again.


 This time though Turbo did not bump them back, he just drove away or dropped behind them. This made them mad because he would not bump them back, he just kept avoiding them.


 They would try and try to bump him or spin him out, but he remembered what Sparkplug had taught him. Soon in their attempt to spin him out they just spun each other out and turbo went on to win the race. The bully’s were so impressed with his driving that they came up to Turbo and apologized.


 You are a good driver said Lugnut and Spoiler, we would like to be your friends. Turbo had learned that fighting back was wrong and just being yourself and trying your best would prove to others that you belong.



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